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Thread: Programming PJ2-3BRL

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    Programming PJ2-3BRL

    I had a licensed electrician install a system and he let me with two remotes. I purchased a third from Home Depot and am having a problem programming it. The setup does not include a wall mounted switch but a box in the attic. I downloaded the programming instructions and press the top and bottom buttons, at which time it goes into programming mode, but that's as far as I get. I'm beginning to think that the hub in the attic needs to be placed into "pairing" mode in order to program the new remote. Am I correct?

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    Do you know what system you are using? If you are using Caseta Wireless, you will need to go into the app > tap the gear icon > Add Device > Pico remote > follow the instructions on the screen (generally the pairing process for any device in Caseta and pressing and holding the OFF button for 10 seconds). When you pair the remote into the app, it should control all of the devices in the room. If you want the remote to control a specific device, you will need to tap on the Pico (once it's added into the system) > Edit Device > Devices > Select the devices you want the Pico remote to control.

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