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Thread: Create a Wireless 3 Way with out adding wire

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    Create a Wireless 3 Way with out adding wire

    I have a bath room with two doors and switches at both doors. Only one switch controls the overhead light (1 way). The other switch used to control an outside light in a 3 way configuration. It no longer does. I would like to find a solution to make that switch act as a 3 way with out the wire to control the over head light. The slave switch would use RF to communicate with the main switch. There is power in the single gang slave box. If the solution is battery powered I am ok with that. Can I use two Lutron PD-5S-D to do this? This would work but it no longer exists. Does Lutron make something like that?

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    Hello,Lutron does offer a switch similar to the Leviton product linked: the PD-5WS-DV. This is essentially an updated version of the PD-5S-DV designed for Caseta. it can be used with a PJ2-2B-GWH-L01 Pico remote mounted in a PICO-WBX-ADAPT next to the existing switch and covered with a 2-gang plate. The Pico will be battery powered, but under normal use the batteries should last about 10 years.

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