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Thread: Outdoor pico use

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    Outdoor pico use

    I'm working on the lighting for a large covered/screened-in living space with several lighting zones and a ceiling fan. Due to aesthetic/code reasons, all of the lighting controls were wired to an adjacent utility room and the plan is to use wall-mounted Picos in this area to control lighting. I'm aware of the 32F temp limit on these devices but I'm wondering what the real-world implications are of leaving these devices in-place during the winter even if they are not being used. Given that the space will not be used during the winter, these devices COULD be relocated indoors seasonally and I could provide matching blank wall plate inserts for the wall but I'm not sure how religiously that will actually be followed. I did locate a regular keypad for this space in the closest indoor entry area so there will still be a way to control lighting/fans when they picos are offline but I do think the Picos are needed/wanted during the 3-seasons this space will be used. We also decided that it made more sense to wall-mount them as they are less likely to be misplaced, chewed by the dog, etc. which will make them a little more difficult to relocate than a tabletop pedestal but still not overly complex as long as the homeowner remembers to do it.

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    I do something similar with 4 Pico's mounted in a custom 4 mount pedestal which, for some reason, Lutron does not make.

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    There are a couple of issues with any electronics kept outdoors. One is condensation. It doesn't take much condensation for electronics to fail. The other is battery response. At 32 degrees, the batteries are probably going to work intermittently at best. You may be shortening the lift of the Pico. At $25 each (MSRP), I'd risk it. I don't know if the battery would come back after repeated or prolonged exposure to those temps.

    I do have a couple of installations at the coast. Mostly Maestro style dimmers and remote dimmers. All are in weatherproof boxes with weatherproof covers. With the very salty, very humid air and occasional sub 32 temps, they last about 10 years.
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    Thanks guys.
    @RandyC - these will be MSRP $125 custom engraved Picos but I think we should be able to cover everything with 2 so if we can get a couple of years out of then, it should be fine. Annual battery replacement is fine too I think. As long as expectations are clear up front, the cost of convenience can be weighed accordingly.

    @RR2A, that is really nice! Do you make them? 3D printed? This job is all midnight and the one on Etsy looks to be pretty close.

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    I have a Pico mounted outside at a house in the Lake Tahoe area. It's mounted on a post in an open but covered area, in a weatherproof enclosure. It's been fine for 3 years now, through winters where the temps drop into the teens and occasionally lower.

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    Thanks I bought it on Etsy. There is a person there who 3D prints them.

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