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Thread: Vacation mode Toggle

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    Vacation mode Toggle

    I'm struggling to get a simple piece of conditional logic working.Essentially I want to press and hold a button for 5 secs to enter Vacation mode and then press and hold it again to exit vacation mode.I have 2 actions. Vacation enabled and Vacation disabled that correspond to enabling and disable the vacation mode.I've got the conditional as follows on the hold tabIF vacation = enabled then run Vacation disabled end IFIF vacation = disabled then run Vacation enabled end IFI'm checking via the terminal screen and the get vacation mode command and I can see the button press but it always stays enabled.(I set up another button to also disable the vacation mode for testing purposes.)I've tried including the second if within the first if but that still doesn't work. Any ideas on where I'm going wrong?Andrew

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    It sounds like that should work. I would try adding an else statement instead of the 2nd IF statement. Functionally it should be the same but who knows.
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    Argh due to the crappy forum software I cant post pics. But this is how I would do it:
    - Create a Variable called Vacation Mode Status with two states: Enabled and Disabled
    - Make your Vacation button a Conditional type
    - Make 2 actions on that button Vacation Mode Enable and Vacation Mode Disable
    - Set Vacation Mode Enable Action programming to enable the Vacation Mode
    - Set Vacation Mode Disable Action programming to disable the Vacation Mode
    - On your Hold tab, set it for 5 seconds
    - Button logic would be:
    If Vacation Mode Status (your variable) Is Disabled Then
    Run Vacation Mode Enable (action 1)
    Else Run Vacation Mode Disable (action 2)

    You could probably replace the Else with a second If and it would be:
    If Vacation Mode Status Is Enabled Then
    Run Vacation Mode Disable

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