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Thread: Vacation Mode QS VS Illumination

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    Vacation Mode QS VS Illumination

    Is the vacation mode programming just a basic timeclock for lights in QS, as I seem to remember that in illumination you could get it to record for 7 and 14 days so it was more random in its timings, or am I just getting old and imagining that was how it worked?

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    You are correct. It would record status every 15 minutes for 7 or 14 days. Playback was +/- 7 minutes.
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    Yes this is yet another complaint we get from clients- "What do you mean it wont randomly playback like my old (HWI) system used to do- how is this better than the old stuff???". Just like Scene Saver buttons which I have complained to Lutron numerous times and filed so many feature requests. Simple features that could be kept are just removed for no reason.

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    QS Vacation Mode

    Apart from decide basic criteria - when it should operate upon activation, zones to include and levels of zones there is no other influence over it.A sequence of auto generated ons and offs with a +/- 30 minute randomised variation. You can hand the client a PDF of the schedule but that's about it. On the plus side, it doesn't record actual activity which may have been little or nothing, so it is always busy, but on the minus side it isn't "realistic" in the sense that it is not based on actual occupants' behaviour

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