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Thread: Compatible dimmers

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    Compatible dimmers

    Disclosure up front, I am a novice at this. I took the training class a couple years ago when we had the initial system installed so I would have a basic foundation but I've only tinkered with it a little bit and not in quite awhile. We have a Radio RA2 system with several RRD-W6BRL-WH keypads in a main multi-zone kitchen area and then several RRD-6NA-WH dimmers in adjacent rooms. I've since expanded our network to add a RRD-6NA-WH dimmer in the master bedroom and it sync'd up great and I can control it all from the phone app etc. Now that we are doing some renovations to different rooms I thought to expand and add dimmers to these rooms. So my question is simple, are there cheaper options for basic dimmers than the RRD-6NA-WHs or is that it if you want them to be controllable remotely (they are quite expensive)? And further to that, if I have dimmers in locations where I DON'T need to be able to control them remotely, what's the equivalent (hopefully cheaper) option to the RRD-6NA-WH for that application? much obliged

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    The 6NA is no longer available. It has been replaced with the RRD-PRO. It's basically the same device except that you have to manually specify forward or reverse phase control. It is less expensive ($189 MSRP).

    In most cases you can probably use the RRD-6ND ($149 MSRP). It only does forward phase which is good for most over the counter fixtures/bulbs.

    The Maestro series includes non-system dimmers. The MACL-153 is typically used with LEDs.
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