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Thread: Maestro Timer and Bathroom Fan with LED bulb compatibility issue

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    Thanks for the update. I will let my customers know there is a working solution from Lutron.
    forum formatting all screwy, so bye-bye signature,

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    Quote Originally Posted by !MIF! View Post
    I've decided to improve a bathroom lighting and installed MA-T51-LA timer to operate with High Performance 70 CFM Bathroom Exhaust Fans With Light, ENERGY STAR*, Model #BFQF70. The fan has LED GU24 Light bulb (I've replaced original CFL light bulb with this LED light bulb to avoid having mercury at home). With regular switch this fan was working just fine. However after replacing those switch with Lutron Timer the light bulb started to flick every five seconds. The motor of the fan is working just fine at the same time. The fan total consumption is 27 Watts at 0.5 Amps.
    I think that it's something is wrong with the design of this Timer, because of the REGULAR CONSTANT 5 seconds flickering interval.

    Also I just hate "1 minute turn off - turn on" warning, it's much better to make a "Beep" with an ability to set "Beep" signal level or even just turn it off. Who cares about the 1 minute warning if you took a shower and run the ventilation an additional time to eliminate moisture when nobody is in the bathroom anymore.

    The device: MA-T51-LA Maestro Digital Timer
    The fan: High Performance 70 CFM Ceiling Exhaust Bath Fan with Light, ENERGY STAR*, Model #BFQF70
    LED Light Bulb: Feit Electric, Model # A19/DM/800/GU24/LED; 60W Equivalent Warm White (3000K) A19 LED Light Bulb.
    What is your experience when buying a ceiling fan. Can you share? And what is the best price do you suggest?

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