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Thread: Switch turns lights off but not on

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    Switch turns lights off but not on

    So one of my Lutron smart switches that I installed last week has start acting up. I put 5 switches in last week. They have all been working fine until today. The one controlling my recess lights in my kitchen will only turn them off, not on. Same when controlling them with app or alexa. I have to pull out the reset switch everytime to turn them on...

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    Try adjusting the trim on the dimmer seen on the following link.

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    Switch doesn’t always turn light on

    I have several Caseta-branded PD-5S-DV-WH switches. Recently one of them has started malfunctioning. I installed a LUT-MLC when I installed switch. The switch now doesn’t always turn the light on. The led on switch will flash from green to red back to green. Sometimes pressing the switch on multiple times will turn the light on, other times the switch will require a reset before becoming operational. It never fails to turn the light off. Any ideas?

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