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Thread: Are all switches 3-way switches if you have a Pico remote?

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    Red face Are all switches 3-way switches if you have a Pico remote?

    I am looking for a smart dimmable 3-way switch (to replace a "dumb" dimmable 3 way switch). It seems these are few and far between ... however, my searches keep suggesting Caseta. However, I am really confused why a 3-way dimmable Caseta even exists. Isn't a single-pole dimmable Caseta switch + Pico remote the just exactly the same thing as a 3-way + Pico? Or does a Pico not communicate to a single-pole?If I'm going to be capping off the wires at the remote end of my existing 3-way set-up, then can't I just use a single-pole smart switch? Are ALL switches essentially 3-way (or multiple-way) if the are remotely controlled (via app or Pico)?Can someone please help me understand the difference?Thanks (and sorry if this is a stupid question!)

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    There is only one Caseta dimmer that can wire directly to a three way switch and that is the Caseta Pro dimmer PD-10NXD. All other models of Caseta dimmers have to use the Pico Remote in a 3-way application. Please see the following link to the Advanced installation Guide for more information regarding the wiring of the PD-10NXD in a 3-way application with a mechanical switch.

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    There is no single-pole only model of Caseta dimmer. You can pair up to 9 Picos to any model of Caseta dimmer or switch. When you install a Caseta dimmer (unless you do a mechanical 3way), you essentially convert the 3way switch to single pole, and add the remote in the place of the 2nd switch.
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