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Thread: Questions consiering Lutron

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    Questions consiering Lutron

    I'm coming from Insteon and in doing research I'm not finding a few things I need to know/do. Are there physical remotes that can handle turning on and off multiple individual lights, not scenes or groups of lights? For example a remote with 6 sets of on/off buttons, each button controls a different light/switch/device in the home. I don't want to have a tablet or my phone to wake it up, run the app just to turn on or off a light. I just want a physical battery operated remote that with a push of a button it's done. I can't seem to find this, it seems all the remotes control 1 device perhaps 2? Are there any outdoor battery operated motion sensors that are compatible and reliable? It seems Lutron does not make an outdoor motion sensor so something else will have to do? I need the motion sensors either internally or via hub programming only trigger devices on/off at night, and be able to set a delay from on to off in at least minute increments. There are a couple of places I need an inline switch where no wall switch is available. I now use this for example: During programming is there an option to check if it's dusk or dawn before continuing the script? Does the hub have a dusk/dawn variable/time built in where it knows based on your location the sun rise/set times? Thanks!

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    One other thing... There aren't any receptacles??

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    You aren't going to find a remote in Caseta that has the ability to individually control 6 lights (that's 12 buttons). You would need to step up to Ra2 to get a tabletop keypad. There is a 4 button Pico that can control 2 zones individually.

    You can also get a 3-gang Pico pedestal, so 3 picos x 2 zones each is 6 total zones.

    You wouldn't want 12 buttons on a Pico sized device anyway, the buttons would be microscopic.

    You can integrate Caseta with Smartthings, Hubitat, and many, many others. They almost certainly have an outdoor sensor. Caseta does not. However, if you have a mild climate and an overhang, the indoor motion sensor will probably be fine (as long as you/client understand this is unorthodox and might need to be replaced every few years). You can set motion events to only happen within a certain time frame.

    Lutron just came out (is coming out?) with an outdoor rated plug-in switching module. They also make a plug in lamp dimmer (indoor only)

    The hub has a built in astronomic time clock. You tell it your physical location during set up. You can set lights or scenes to fire based on normal time or up to 4 hours before/after sunset. Since the sunrise/sunset data is built in these events will continue even if you lose internet. It is also aware of daylight savings. I'd say just about everything you'd want as far as timers go.
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