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Thread: Possible to set default state?

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    Possible to set default state?

    I wanted ti ask if it's possible to set the default state of a switch such that if there is a power loss, etc. that the switch goes back to its default state. Or does the repeater remember the last known state?

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    Yes, the unit will automatically restore its last known state.

    If the dimmer/switch can communicate with the Main Repeater, it will go to the last known state from the system.

    If the dimmer/switch cannot communicate with the Main Repeater, it will go to it's On Level value. The On Level value can be programmed in the RadioRA 2 software by going to the Design tab, right-clicking the device, and selecting Advanced Settings. The default On Level is "75%". If you choose an On Level of "Last Level", then the device will restore to whatever the last value was.

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    Thank you.

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