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Thread: MSOP-S5M Doesn't fit in GFI Box

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    Question MSOP-S5M Doesn't fit in GFI Box

    My current switch is in a stairwell on a 4 sq GFI box. I plan to install a motion sensor and bought the MSOP. I also bought a new cover for the GFI box to accommodate the Lutron sensor vs. the old regular toggle switch and, lo and behold, the MSOP is too tall to fit in the 4" cover. So, one obvious solution is to hire an electrician to replace the GFI box with a larger size, but I was hoping to avoid that expense.Is there an alternative solution that I'm missing?

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    We are sorry to hear that you ran into issues with your Maestro sensor switch. The MS-OPS5M take the standard designer wallplate opening. Here is the link to Lutron's Designer Wallplates and Accessories @ that covers single gang up to 6 gang wallplate model(s). If you are still running into issues and need additional assistance please email

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