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Thread: Casey’s PD-6WCL dimmer not working

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    Casey’s PD-6WCL dimmer not working

    I want to replace the existing 3-way switches with the wireless dimmer PD-6WCL and PICO remote control. The existing switch in Location 1 has actually 5 wires in this apartment unit, I have identified the 2 travel wires (red and blue), I identified the Line/Tag wire(orange) that is connected to a black terminal screw.The other 2 wires, (one orange one yellow ) not quite sure what they are. Oh, there is also another bare ground wire. I connected a black wire from the dimmer switch to the 2 travel wires, and the other black wire to all 3 wires (orange orange yellow), ground to ground.When I switch back the power, the lights are on,but the led light on the dimmer is not on. The dimmer doesn’t respond when I press the buttons. The lights are still on and no way to switch them off.I installed the PICO remote in Location 2 as instructed.Can anyone help to point out the problem as to why the dimmer is not working? Or is it that the dimmer is fault?Thanks

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    Thank you for your post. It is possible that the wires on the one black wire are Line and Load and are essentially bypassing the switch to the light and giving it a constant hot. We advise using a multimeter to identify the Hot wire and the Load wire and wiring only those to the dimmer. Currently, it sounds like there are 5 wires wired to the dimmer and it will be hard to determine which wire is which in that set up. For further assistance, please email us at or call at 1-888-Lutron1 (588-7661).

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