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Thread: rr-awx-rep-wh vs. L-REPPRO-BL : any difference besides wired option?

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    rr-awx-rep-wh vs. L-REPPRO-BL : any difference besides wired option?

    Is there any difference between the two auxiliary repeaters as far as range/reliability if all I need is the RF option? The older one has an antenna on top but honestly it has never made a single bit of difference when I've had range issues with it. Is there any way to mount the new version to the wall? I won't be use the wired connection so it would all be RF anyway.

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    I have asked many people about this, and the consistent answer is "Use the REPRO, its newer technology"

    That's pretty much all I get.
    Evan Kirkhart- Home Electronics Solutions
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    lol I guess antenna technology has improved in the last 10 years and I've never had any issues with Caseta which uses the same form factor so I'll go with the REPRO. I just know an old-timer who works with us who would probably think the old one is better because it "looks" beefier...then again, so does an 80's VHS camcorder compared to a new digital camera.

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    Thank you for your post SparkyCoog.

    Both Aux Repeater would have the same range, as many of Clear Connect Devices do is the 30 feet. If you would not be using the wired option, it may be best to use the L-REPPRO-BL. There is no difference based on performance, however may be easier for install purposes as it is smaller and easier to hide.

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