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Thread: App and bridge issues

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    App and bridge issues

    Recently extracted file and added several zones to an existing system. Was only able to find repeater and bridge while plugged directly into them, could not find on WiFi. After eventually completing transfer customer was no longer able to access system on either iPhone or iPad. Both had existing connect apps that were previously functioning. I was able to gain temporary access to system on my iPhone through connect app no problem. On both of the customers devices I was able to manually input bridge ip and the system started to sink but then froze on “downloading data”. Customer has 2 different wireless routers with separate WiFi networks. After switching repeater and bridge to a different switch on the other router and network iPad sinked up no problem. 2 hours later customer was not able to connect to system on his iPhone and iPad was not able to either.

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    Thank you for your post Joesnothome.

    Seems like we may be encounter Telnet lockout. We would suggest pull a support file from the processor and email into for us to investigate this further with you. Hope this helps!

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    Will be interested to see the resolution to Telnet lockout. Is a problem we have been having. Any suggestions on how to resolve. Happens at one site about every 3 weeks.

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    Hello! The best resolution we can suggest is to pull a support file from the Main Repeater via the RA2 Essentials/Inclusive software and send it to to find the source of the lock out event.

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