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Thread: Serena vs Triathon ?

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    Serena vs Triathon ?

    I have quotes for Lutron Serena and Lutron Triathlon and am not sure of the difference? Serena seems to be "consumer" and Triathlon "contractor". Any recommendations?Does Lutron Caseta work with both?Can I request the motor be put on the left or right side to accommodate hard wiring?

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    The are very similar design & appearance, electrical requirements, battery & hardwire options, many of the same fabrics/colors. The Serena line is "consumer" in the sense that you can buy them directly (on Lutron's Serena website) or through retail outlets that carry them. Triathlon is only available through dealers. Serena shades are for Caseta only, while Triathlon works with RA2 and Homeworks.

    You didn't say whether you are talking about roller or cellular shades.

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    The Serena and Triathlon roller shades have the drive on the left side if they are regular roll and the drive on the right side if they are reverse roll. The wired power shades come with a 15ft cable connected to them, so you should be able to put the house wires in any location and still be able to connect to them.

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    I think there was a thread talk about this before. Is this the one

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