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Thread: Ambient light detection issues on MS-OPS2H

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    Ambient light detection issues on MS-OPS2H

    Installed one of these several months ago, and the "training" of the switch regarding the maximum ambient level at which to energize the light dialed in after maybe a dozen taps on the manual off button. Lately, it randomly turns on the light even though another rather bright nearby fixture is already on. And, more importantly, a recently installed second unit, same model, will not train at all. Only at maximum daylight (sunlight beaming into the area), will switching on the light be inhibited. If I went to something like an MSCL-OP153MH switch, would I still have the same sensing and training issues, or would these functions be, um . . functional, in the OP153MH series ?

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    The MS-OPS2 and the MSCL-OP153M will use the same technology when it comes to sensing and the ambient light detection. Have you continued to "train" the first motion sensor? If not, this may be worth trying. Another option for both of theses sensors is to factory reset both of them. To reset the the sensors, you will need to press and hold the ON/OFF button and the side button at the same time for 3 flashes. Once you do this, make sure you put the sensors into ALD mode by holding the side button for 3 flashes.

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