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Thread: Texas power outage - what if?

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    Texas power outage - what if?

    I have a 10+ year old Lutron Legacy HomeWorks Illumination whole house system. It controls all of our lights. When we lost power for over 40 hours during last weeks amazing arctic storm - I was concerned the processor would lose the home programming. We were pleasantly surprised when power was restored, our system booted up and resumed our lighting schedule. But - it leaves me uneasy that should the processor lithium battery fail (it's 10 years old now), I would need to connect my laptop to the system via its RS-232 port and somehow connect to the processor to upload a backup copy of my current program. Our original installer is no longer available and so we are on our own. Would someone walk me through what I would need to do to "manually" connect to the HomeWorks processor in order to restore my program? I have HW1.65 and always 4 or 5 of my most recent program (dimming schedule, scenes, etc.). Thanks! Michael in Houston (where it was 78 degrees today and 16 degrees last week)

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    One thing to consider is possibly putting your processor on a UPS so during a normal power outage it will never lose power. Obviously most UPS's will not last 40 hours but that is probably a very rare circumstance. I you ever do need to upload a project file, I'd suggest giving Lutron technical support a call and will most likely be able to walk you through some basics such as uploading your file. In addition, you can find lots of local HW dealers at the following link if you are ever looking for a new dealer to help.

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