I bought and installed a Lutron DIVA Dimmer from Lowes. It says on the receipt "471118 LTRN 150W CFL/LED DI". This is for a single dimmable light fixture, which is a vanity fixture with 4 bulbs, going left to right, each being a Sunco A15 - 8W LED Dimmable bulb. When I have the Dimmer at the top (full power) all 4 bulbs glow normally at full power. When I start dimming slowly down to about 1/2 power, the bulbs do dim normally, from bright to less bright. However, when I hit about 1/2 way down, only the right 2 bulbs glow, and the left 2 bulbs are off. When I dim down a little more, to about 40% power, only the right-most bulb glows. When I dim down to the bottom, all 4 bulbs are off. Any Idea if this is normal operation for the DIVA Dimmer? And can it be corrected? Thanks in advance.