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Thread: Connect App Not Controlling Certain Din 4A Zones

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    Connect App Not Controlling Certain Din 4A Zones

    App shows zone being turned on / off and dimmed but doesn’t change the physical light. Keypad controls zone perfectly, programmed using area scenes. All zones in area were tested and functional. It is connected to a LQSE-4A-120 DIN module.
    I created a new zone and assigned it to that output with no resolution. Also repaired file, no luck. All other lights and thermostats work from app. Very strange, Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Thank you for your post JasonR.

    In the Design > Equipment screen on any of the LQSE modules is an output skipped. For example, is there a load on 1 and 3 but not on 2. If so that could cause issues. We would recommend that you use the outputs in order. Hope this helps!

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