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Thread: Why no 20 amp gfci outlet I’m white?

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    Why no 20 amp gfci outlet I’m white?

    I have been replacing all my switches and outlets with lutron white (glossy) switches / outlets and wall plates.... now I’m coming to the bathroom outlets, but I can’t find them in white?!?!

    Am I missing something? I found the 15 amp CAR-15-GFST-WH but there is no CAR-20-GFST-WH

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    I am in the same boat? no CAR-20-GFST-WH? Can anyone explain from Lutron Electrical Engineering Department why WH glossy colour is not available? They make all other colors but no glossy wh??

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    Good Afternoon,The 20 amp GFCI receptacle is considered more of a commercial product and is only offered in Architectural Matte colors. The model number for a 20 amp GFCI would be NTR-20-GFST-XX (XX = color code, SW would be for snow white).

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