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Thread: Caseta controlling 0-10 volt dimming light... possible workaround??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian W. View Post
    Currently, the only way to control 0-10V loads with Caseta requires you to have 2 devices:
    You would need to use the PD-10NXD dimmer, and you would need to wire it to the GRX-TVI interface.
    Is this still the preferred method? I am putting commercial high bay LED lights in my garage that are 1.5 amps each and they use the 0-10 V dimming.

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    Yes. The only way to dim 0-10V fixtures in Caséta is with a PD-10NXD wired to a GRX-TVI connected to the 0-10V ballast/driver. If you are using a RA2 Select System, the 0-10V Dimming Module (LMJ-5T-DV-B) is a good option.
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    Great, thank you for the response.

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