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Thread: Difference between and 'regular' and 'pro' bridges (BDG and BDGPRO2)

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    Question Difference between and 'regular' and 'pro' bridges (BDG and BDGPRO2)

    First, can I say, I wish Lutron didn't have so many different versions of their tech... (normal Caseta, pro version, RA2 Select, RA, etc, etc..)Does anyone have any tips/info for a newcomer beyond what this 2019 document lists as the differences between the 'normal' and 'pro' bridges? To include any other info on the last item "integration" (because it seems I can do everything on that referenced website with the normal hub through the iOS app)

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    Sorry, meant to put this in the General Discussion section.

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    PRO bridge is capable of local Telnet integration with professional-grade home automation systems (Crestron, Control4, Home Assistant, Hubitat, and more including home-brew). Standard bridge can only do cloud based integrations with stuff like Smartthings which is dependent on your internet connection working. Not aware of any other differences.

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    The Pro bridge supports Triathlon shades and QS wireless. The standard bridge only supports Serena shades.
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