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Thread: QSX "Apply Post Activation Settings" button in 'activate' tab

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    QSX "Apply Post Activation Settings" button in 'activate' tab

    In 16.4, I noticed a new button that reads "Apply Post Activation Settings" - It may have been there from previous versions but I just noticed it - what is it for?

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    Would be nice if there was a help file for the software, right? Its amazing after all these years they refuse to do that, instead forcing you to spend time sitting on hold for an answer to a simple question. Oh that's right- the software points you to this forum which most of the time isn't helpful either...

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    Thank you for your post.

    This button is to send trust settings to processors and to the cloud. If trust settings are not there, then transfer will not work and give you an error. This can be helpful when you have up-converted an older project to a newer QSX build

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