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Thread: 3 way switch wiring 2 fixtures between switches

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    3 way switch wiring 2 fixtures between switches

    I am looking to install a 3 way switch using PD-5ANS and a Pico remote. The configuration is a 3 way switch with 2 light fixtures in between the 2nd switch. Power coming into the first switch box.there is picture of the diagram here: switch (multiple lights between switches #1) is the picture.What would be my options for installing with this configuration, is it compatible with a 3-way on/off with Pico remote set up?Thank you for you assistance.Regards.

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    Hello,Unfortunately, it looks like that diagram showing the wiring for the current switches is unavailable/private. When wiring in the PD-5NE on a 3-way circuit, you will essentially be making the circuit into a single pole by joining the two travelers onto the red lead of this device as shown in this diagram: you cannot identify the travelers, we may be able to assist further if you can provide a different link to the wiring diagram of your current switches.

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