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Thread: Complete Newb Questions

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    Question Complete Newb Questions

    HelloI have a Caseta bridge and a few dimmers, switches, picos and plug-in dimmers installed, then decided what I may really want is the RA2 Select (for the extra number of devices) and so I purchased a main repeater.l completely misunderstood that the Caseta devices would also work on the RA2 Select and now I'm second guessing myself figuring this out.Now I am shopping for "Maestro" devices, but I am getting confused because there are various devices with the "Maestro" name with various features I don't think I need. Furthermore, if what I need to buy are these ones I'm seeing that are 3x the price of Caseta, then maybe this isn't what I really want to do...Could someone point me directly to the appropriate dimmers and switches that work with RA2 Select? For LED lights. I don't think I need some special high wattage version or any special features.Thanks!

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    Dimmers that have a model number starting with RRD- is what you want. RRD-6ND is a good low cost dimmer that requires a neutral and is forward phase only. RRD-PRO is the more advanced neutral optional dimmer that can do reverse phase and has some magic called RTISS which is supposed to cure all world diseases or something. Maestro RF dimmers are going to be at least double the price, that's just the way it is. It's a more premium product.
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    Thank you, that's helpful. Yes, it's the RRD-PRO that I'm thinking just doesn't make sense to me. I can work with neutral wires (I'm replacing 70+ Insteon switches anyway..). I'll think about this. THANKS!

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