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Thread: Caseta Fan/Light Switch with LED Flex Track Lighting

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    Caseta Fan/Light Switch with LED Flex Track Lighting

    Hi,I have a Hampton Bay flex track light kit installed in my ceiling ( I installed a simple Caseta on/off switch and bought a Pico remote. As I've seen elsewhere, the lights are slightly on (very low light level) when the switch is off. I have to use the little off switch at the bottom to completely turn off the lights, which defeats the purpose. I tried the LUT-MLC in the ceiling AND in the wall where the switch is located, but I'm having trouble understanding what should be simple instructions to install this device. Doing so in the ceiling is a total pain, because I have to completely remove the track and the part that connects to the junction box. I'd like to try installing it there again, but I have what's likely to be a dumb question about the instructions. They're SIMPLE -- connect one end of the LUT-MLC to the white wire and the other to the black wire. However, doing so either doesn't work OR I get the lights to power on once and then the fixture doesn't turn on a second time. The installation diagram LOOKs like I have to cut a wire in the fixture and connect the black, white and one of the LUT-MLC together. Is this correct? If so, the instructions don't match the diagram. If this is not correct, then I think the diagram is wrong. Is there a video where I can see the installation using any kind of light fixture?Sorry, but this is making me feel like a dumb homeowner who can't figure it out (I've installed other Caseta switches in the past, among other things). I'm about to rip out all the switches I have and send them back.Thanks.

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    You want the MLC to be a load on the switch. Connect the black wire to the output of the device. If you have 2 black wires on your dimmer you will need to determine which is power out.

    If you want to install it at the light (there is functionally no difference) connect the black to the black wire coming from the switch and the white to the neutral.

    If your switch has a neutral connection you MUST use it.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    I tried wiring it both ways. When I connected it into the junction box for the fixture, it worked once and then stopped working. The fixture wouldn't turn on. Any thoughts on why? Testing this is a total pain due to the nature of this fixture, so I'd like to do this once and then be done with it, assuming I keep the switch after figuring out (after installation) that it doesn't really work with this kind of fixture. I feel like they're not being truthful about what's supported if they don't disclose this situation and it's a known issue.In the wall, it basically made no difference and the lights were slightly on when the switch was off.Thanks for your help.

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