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Thread: Trouble wiring Lutron Diva-DVCL-153P-5-WH

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    Trouble wiring Lutron Diva-DVCL-153P-5-WH

    Can anyone explain, or show me a diagram of how to wire this. Was going to post a pic, but I’m not sure how, or if I can.
    I have the Diva switch (4 wires: black, red, red/white, green) in box 1 with power into that switch (12/2), 12/3 from there to 2nd switch (standard 3-way), then 12/2 out to lights.
    I have the diagram from the installation page, but it’s not making sense. I am fairly familiar with normal wiring, but this has me.

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    Connect the red and red/white to the 2 wires in the 12/3. Connect black to the remaining wire.
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