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Thread: Caseta no longer works

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    Caseta no longer works

    I had my Caseta Wireless Dimmer Kit with Smart Bridge installed by an electrician approximately six months ago. It's never actually worked completely right as it would often not turn the lights on or they would blink for anywhere from five minutes to several hours before the lights eventually turned on if they ever do at all. A week ago they stopped turning on at all.Prior to one week ago, even when the lights would blink, the switch itself indicated the lights were on as did the app. As of a week ago, when the lights stopped coming on at all, the light switch no longer indicates the lights are on (or supposed to be) but the app says they are on. If I press any of the buttons on the light switch nothing happens and the app indicates nothing has changed. If I turn the lights on and off via the app, the switch does not change nor do the lights come on or off.It looks like the switch itself is defective. Any thoughts?

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    Dimmers have a minimum load requirement. Typically it is one LED but can be 3 or 4 depending on the specific bulb.

    There is no standard for LED drivers. LED manufacturers even use different controls in their own products. A 60w LED may not work but the 40w may be fine. Lutron has a list of bulbs they tested but they only test bulbs the manufacturers send in. That means the list is incomplete and way behind.
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