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Thread: How to implement tunable white with RadioRA 2

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    Question How to implement tunable white with RadioRA 2

    I'm looking to install about 65' of LED light strip in a valence. The light strip would include both 2700K and 4000K LEDs that are on separate channels. The light is "tuned" to a specific Kelvin by mixing the intensity of the 2 strips. A primitive approach to setting this up is to put each on completely separate dimmers but I don't see this working very well. Seems to me that getting the intensity right for any given Kelvin (or vise versa) would be a complete nightmare. Also, Lutron doesn't recommend it. I also want to utilize the timeclock in Essentials to adjust the Kelvin throughout the day while keeping the intensity constant (although I can see an argument for also adjusting the intensity with the time of day but I'll save that decision for later). Based on my reading of Lutron Application Note #579 it seems the only approach that is supported with a Radio RA2 system is using a 0-10V control type as shown in the compatibility matrix table on page 18 and illustrated on page 10-11 of the application note. Am I interpreting this correctly? Is there anyway to get any of the other options that seem better to work in a Radio RA2 system?

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    I have not done this. But my understanding is the best you can manage is to have 2 dimmers for warm/cool remotes to an out of reach location. Control would be with a keypad, so you can select color temperature. Raise/lower buttons would adjust overall brightness (program to always adjust both dimmers)

    I would put those dimmers in the “mechanical room” in the software so it doesn’t confuse the user. The user should only control this load with the keypad.

    There might be a better way of doing this, like I said I have no experience with tunable white so take it with a grain of salt. I don’t think using 0-10V will achieve anything dramatically different from what I have just described.
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