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Thread: Lutron Smart Bridge Affecting Wifi

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    Lutron Smart Bridge Affecting Wifi

    Hi there, I have an odd issue I can't seem to figure out what's wrong. The issue is this: When the smart bridge is plugged into my modem, the wifi is spotty or not working. My computer, which is plugged into the modem via ethernet connection, has uninterrupted internet. This is why I'm sure there is the internet, but only the WIFI is interrupted. When I disconnect the smart bridge from the modem, everything appears to be working fine and all wifi connections work albeit now I can't control the lights with the google home. Kind of a moot point because when I have the smart bridge connected to the modem google home says it's not connected to the internet. Has anyone run into this issue? I have a Cisco modem.

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    Is this a combined modem-&-router (all-in-one) unit, or do you have a separate router? If separate, the Caseta bridge must be connected to the router, not the modem.

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    It sounds like you might be unplugging something to make room for the bridge, go buy a cheap unmanaged Gigabit switch to have more ports.
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