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Thread: HWQS Alisse - Dimming?

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    HWQS Alisse - Dimming?

    I’m considering using the new Alisse keypads in a new home project. I’ve never used Alisse (or Palladiom).I know they do not have a “hybrid” functionality. How do you handle dimming? (I know it can be handled with the app and voice.) Can a button press (i.e. press and hold) be used for this? Is that even a good idea?Thanks!

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    All of the HQS keypads have the same basic features. They all support cycle dim (press and hold to dim).

    All keypads, including hybrid, send signals to the processor which relays signals to dimmers or panel modules which control the loads.

    Alexa or any other integration can press buttons on a keypad or directly control dimmers and panel modules. If you want to use Alexa to dim you will need to have her talk directly to a dimmer/module.
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    Thanks, Randy.

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    Hi Randy Is this possible now, and how do you get it to dim?I know initially it was just on and off and I find the vocal architecture somewhat limited and cumbersome. I currently set up homeowner keypads and bury them in a fictitious room that the clients don't have so it wont ever get opened on the app and have the button set to toggle so I can get the on and off command. This works great as it doesn't interfere with the nomenclature of the app keypads or Programming but I don't have a way to dim?

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