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Thread: Upgrading Sivoia QS Wired Shades to Homekit - Need Help

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    Upgrading Sivoia QS Wired Shades to Homekit - Need Help

    I had a Sivoia QS wired installed back in 2012 using IR controls using the QS IR EYE (not triathlon or wireless). The controller was a Crestron controller that controlled shades, music, lighting and cameras. As of today, nothing but the lighting works, and after spending a couple of thousand, nothings fixed. Contractor hasn't made any progress and just wants more money. I do have significant background in doing electrical/home reno but didn't have the time to do this back then, but do now with WFH due to Covid. Getting to the point - I'm just looking into upgrading all to HomeKit. So far, these are the components I believe I need. QS Sensor - Lutron QSM2-4W-C QSM 434 - That will wire into where the keypad is currently. Pico Remotes - QSR4P-3R - I plan to use 6 remotes for 6 zones of 1-2 shades for a total of 10 shades. Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge Pro - L-BDGPRO2-WH - To support homekit I have a couple of questions - 1) Will that work? I've reviewed some specs and it looks doable, most convinced by the below: - page 165 - shows compatibility of the 3 systems. 2) For Pico Remotes in the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge - Do I set them up as shades or as pico remotes? 3) For QS, can the wire go at any point the smart power panel as long as the wires are wired correctly? I see the keypad in at one point (8 top) and IR eye (6 bottom iirc) is in at another. The schematic said to go at the bottom of 5. Given the 3 different options, does it really not make a difference? I plan on extending out from the keypad, will that work? Based on the link below, it seems we can daisy chain and all should be good. Looking for a second vote of confidence.

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    Please respond to the v2 version. I had formatting errors due to some forum setup.


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