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Thread: HomeKit has Become Unresponsive

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    HomeKit has Become Unresponsive

    Caseta Bridge HomeKit integration for my Lutron Shades and Lutron plugin has been very reliable until the last day or so. Now all Lutron devices give a "No Response". If I restart the bridge it will connect to Homebridge for less than a minute then go offline. Otherwise the Caseta bridge is working fine. I can access and control all the Luntron devices using the Lutron app from my iPhone. I know HomeKit is working as I can control non-Caseta Bridge devices just fine. I've tried disabling Norton firewall and disabling threat management on my UniFi LAN. HomeKit hub is an Apple TV. It and the Caseta bridge are on the same LAN.Any suggestions on the cause?

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    Fixed. The problem was a bad upgrade to a UniFi access point. I use a wireless uplink to get to the Caseta bridge. The source is a Unifi UAP-HD-Pro access point linking to a UAP-1W-HD access point. The UAP-1W-HD has a built in 4 port router which makes it ideal to connect to remote devices like the Caseta bridge. Both of these access points were updated in the past week. Rolling back the firmware of the source UAP-HD-Pro fixed the problem.

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