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Thread: Keypads: scene & individual light control

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    Keypads: scene & individual light control

    In a typical install, if there's a keypad to control scenes, would there also be a keypad (or buttons) to control the individual lights?

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    One of the points of a scene is to make things simpler, easier by getting multiple lights to the client-desired light level with as few button presses as possible... So if you have scenes, generally you are able to eliminate dedicated buttons for individual light control. That said, sometimes you end up with a few key lights that still need individual buttons in addition to being controlled by scenes (Chandelier, Pendants, etc might be examples). Many clients who have not had lighting control systems feel insecure about losing the ability to manually control individual lights if they go to scenes... It is good to a) remind them that they can control/adjust the scenes using the free Lutron app, they can always control individual lights through the free Lutron app or with voice control (Alexa, Google, etc). Lastly, if you put scene keypads next to a keypad with individual zone control, you end up with a lot of buttons... makes the system seem complicated/confusing/too many choices/wall acne/etc.... Part of the system goal of a system is to make things simpler, easier, faster, intuitive, easy to understand/use. The happiest clients I have use scenes/timeclocks/occupancy sensors to get the lights where THEY want them on a typical day with VERY little human input.... On a good day, the lights run completely automatically in the common areas and exterior lights. Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Late Night/Goodnight scenes based on a mix of astronomic timeclocks and set timeclocks, adjusted by the client in the app to their liking, result in many days where the lights magically turn themselves on, dim up and down without ANY client button pushes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkbluekeys View Post
    Many clients who have not had lighting control systems feel insecure about losing the ability to manually control individual lights if they go to scenes
    That's exactly my concern! It seems that I should spend more time thinking through my scenes before adding individual light buttons. You make a good point of clutter and complication.

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