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Thread: Abandoned project - Need to get programming

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    Abandoned project - Need to get programming

    Good morning everyone.We're taking over a project that was abandoned by a previous Lutron dealer because the home went into foreclosure. It has been sold to new owners that we work for and half the keypads aren't working or were never programmed.Is there a way to use the software to download what's already programmed without having to go to each keypad and re-enter everything??The previous dealer isn't being very cooperative, I suspect because of the previous owners haven't paid them for the work already completed.The homeowner just wants lights to work again in the home.Thanks in advance.

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    Possibly... Depends on the system and version of software previously used.

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    You most likely will be able to. Just find the IP address of the QS processor, and put in your browser. You should get a Lutron login screen. Standard username and password is lutron/lutron if they didnt change it. If you get in, then hit the Device IP link, then about halfway down you will see CODEVER- that will show you the QS software version used. Install that and open it up and there is an Extract option that you should be able to use depending on the version.

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