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Thread: DMX to match Ketra color

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    DMX to match Ketra color

    Hello all,Is there a chart that exist that I could use to match a DMX RGB Led strip to match let's say a 2400k, 3000k Ketra bulb.I basically need the color recipe of the RGB table.Thanks

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    Hello Domotik,
    Thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, we do not have a color table to match DMX values to Ketra CCT values. This is because DMX RGB is not an industry standard for lighting/color balancing. Two different DMX products receiving identical DMX commands from our system will emit different colors of light due to manufacturing differences. For this reason, if we did provide a color table it would only work for one specific brand of DMX. In general, color matching is achieved through a bit of trial and error with that specific DMX product side-by-side with a Ketra product. Ketra lamps are RGBW, not RGB, so please be aware that some colors the Ketra lamps can achieve are very difficult (or impossible) for RGB DMX to achieve.
    In the past, with Legacy Ketra, we did recommend using 3rd party SIRS-E DMX tape light on a Ketra N3 DMX Output. We had a color table to match the SIRS-E to Ketra. However, this required 16-bit RGBW DMX, which Lutron Homeworks does not support at this time. If you are setting up a Legacy Ketra system in Design Studio with an N3 and SIRS-E DMX tape light, please email and we can provide the documentation for that specific application.
    We hope this information helps! Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

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