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Thread: Intermittent - Dimmer's green LEDs change but lights don't turn on

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    Intermittent - Dimmer's green LEDs change but lights don't turn on

    In October, I installed a dimmer and a pico remote (PPKG1WWHR). Sometimes the dimmer doesn't actually turn on the lights even though its green LEDs change as if the dimmer is alive and behaving correctly. I've tried resetting the dimmer. Same symptom from the pico remote. When the dimmer wont turn on, the "fix" is to tap the dimmer's Off button and then tap the On button. Sometimes I have to do that several times before the lights come on.I uploaded CasetaWirelessDimmerSometiemsWontTurnOn.MOV to my G-Drive - a video of the dimmer not turning on. My son has a lot of home automation, is stumped, and suggested I contact Lutron support.

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    What type of bulbs are you using with this dimmer? Sounds like this may be an LED Compatibility issue. Does the issue persist when one incandescent bulb is installed with the LEDs?

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