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Thread: Unlock HRP5-120 Panel

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    Unlock HRP5-120 Panel

    I was given an HRP5-120 Processor which I'd like to use as a back up for my legacy installation here - my current processor is occasionally flakey. The only problem is I cannot unlock the panel as I do not have the panel unlock code. I have searched and cannot find a way to reset the unit to factory settings. The Installation Instructions are silent on the subject. I have an old computer and can use that to communicate with the unit on RS232 and have found a document which details the terminal commands to control it but none will reset to factory settings. Can anyone help me?

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    There is no reset. You can connect to it using RS232 and upload your program. If the previous user changed the login you can use the terminal screen to set it to something you prefer.
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    What I want to do is to unlock the HRP5-120 front panel, which is currently locked with an unknown password.The program login password is jetski, and I'm able to connect and upload a program, no problem. I first used RS232 to do that, and to change the IP settings so I can communicate over the LAN.But I'd like to unlock the front panel.

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