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Thread: Hybrid keypad - will it work with LED bulbs?

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    Hybrid keypad - will it work with LED bulbs?

    Hi Folks,
    This is a retrofit job from Diva to RadioRA 2. I need to install a Hybrid Keypad to replace a Diva dimmer DVCL-153P that currently controls LED bulbs (hence why they have a C.L installed now). By reading the Hybrid Keypad documentation, seems it only handles incandescent, halogen, and MLV. What are my options here? Thank you in advance.

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    There is a CL version of the Hybrid Keypad coming soon. You could always try the existing hybrid, but I would make sure the neutral wire is used on the HKP for best performance today.
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    ^ What he said. Current version of hybrid keypad has a neutral so it already is better at controlling LED than a dimmer without neutral. Hopefully CL version of hybrid keypad is going to be better still.

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    In the case of dimming LED's when using the Hybrid Keypad, I'm Unsure weather its necessary to use both the PHPM-PA in conjuntion with the RRD-H6BRL. It is unlikely the load will reach/exceed 450W because the fixtures are all LED's however the design software is requiring the Phase Adaptive Module be used in conjunction with all Hybrid Keypads.
    Is it truly necessary to need the PHPM-PA with each Hybrid Keypad?

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    The software defaults to a PHPM for the time being as the hybrid has never been tested (by Lutron) to control LED loads. Too many things to consider- peak and repetitive inrush, possible reverse phase... That's why the software adds the PHPM in- it can handle far more than the small 450W forward phase dimmer in the hybrid. The CL hybrid will definitely help when it becomes available. If you want to try running the hybrid without the PHPM, definitely run it with the neutral. Otherwise I can almost guarantee performance will be sub-par. If you don't have a neutral, then I would wait for the CL and sell the homeowner an LED that has been tested by Lutron at the same time to ensure best performance.
    Business Development Associate for Baker Electric Solar

    "Spread the light, brother" -​Blake Richetta

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