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Thread: Two homes on one account?

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    Two homes on one account?

    I'm trying to set-up a second home with a new smart bridge and switches. Can you have two homes on the same account in the Lutron app?

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    Yes. And some more text to make 10 characters.
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    What about 2 houses on same network?

    Similar question, but what if you have a detached garage about 400ft away from the house, but it shares the same ISP (Same public IP address). Can these be set up as different houses on the same account? If not, can I put them on different subnets (but still same public IP address)?

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    Yes, having two separate "homes" does not require the bridges be on different networks. If you set up a bridge in the Garage, you could link it on the Lutron app just like you would a new home in a different state. Plug the bridge into power and the network, and, on the Lutron app, select Settings > Account > add home. Follow the steps and your new bridge will be added.

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    Great news , I'm also thinking of linking my two homes!

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