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Thread: Caseta Smart Bridge

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    Caseta Smart Bridge

    Is the Caseta smart bridge a Z Wave, and if it is will it connect to a Schlage Z Wave lock?

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    No, Caseta uses a proprietary wireless protocol ("Clear Connect") that is not directly inter-operable with other home-automation protocols (z-wave, zigbee, etc).

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    If you want to integrate with Z-Wave or Zigbee you can get another Zigbee/Z Wave hub that can integrate with the Caseta system.

    Lutron’s ClearConnect is much faster and more reliable than the Zigbee nonsense, especially for larger systems.
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    We integrate Caseta with Z-Wave (and more) like this: smartphone or tablet browser > automation controller > Z-Wave and / or Caseta Pro hub > your devices.So, you can click a Pico remote and the automation controller "hears" that event and is configured to send a "Lock" command to the Z-Wave lock via the Z-Wave hub.The opposite is also very doable ie: push a Z-Wave wall switch and have a group of Z-Wave lights and Caseta lights light up in a scene.

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