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Thread: Conditional Visor Control

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    Conditional Visor Control

    Can one assign a timeclock and mode to a scene triggered from a Visor Control input? For example, I have a scene of RF relay modules being activated to run from a contact closure on the VCX, but would like this to only occur while in the Away mode and then timed to deactivate after one hour. Possible? Thanks in advance.

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    I think that is a bit too complex.

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    How about just assigning it to a mode?

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    Hello! You can try using a combination of Timeclock, Timeclock Modes, and Rollback (under Occupancy in the programming tab) to make this work. You set timeclocks directly to the Outputs of the VCRX, have the timeclock run in a specific mode, use the VCRX Keypad buttons as Timeclock Mode changes, and set the room the VCRX is in to a 1 hour rollback. If you need more support with this, you can send an inquiry to

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