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Thread: Separating existing Caseta switches into two separate bridges - best practice?

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    Separating existing Caseta switches into two separate bridges - best practice?

    Just soliciting some advice, in case it could save me some time!I've got 65 Lutron devices (mostly Caseta switches) spread out over a two-unit building. Amazingly, a single Bridge Pro was able to reach all devices across both units - even without the use of the lamp module / extender I bought just in case. I've decided, however, to set up the two adjoining residences to each be on their own Bridge (and Google Home) - with their own Lutron account all-together, just in case I get renters for one or both of the units (or even need to sell). The idea is that I've registered an email address for each unit, and I'm systematically re-working all of the home automation and all related 3rd-party accounts to fit under one or the other, and ultimately end up under two discrete Google Homes that have nothing to do with my personal Google account.I've now got my second Lutron Bridge, and I'm ready to re-assign all of the Caseta switches. This took ages before, so I don't want to risk anything when doing the split. Thankfully, Lutron allows you to change the email address of your Lutron account - so I'm just going to update the primary unit (with the most devices) to that email address. But I still need to break away ~20 devices to be off that Bridge, and on the other one (that I have not plugged in yet).Does anyone know the best order of operation for this? Remove all relevant devices from the app first, then reset the devices to factory settings? Or is there a way to just clear its assignment, awaiting new pairing? Or would I just wait until I'm ready to pair to the new Bridge? Also, I'm hoping the bridges behave when on the same network. I can split them if I have to, but would prefer not.. because it may mean I'd have to put all of the other non-Lutron devices on that network as well, so they can be on the same Google Home. I surmise.Maybe this isn't the correct forum for this type of question - but it's worth a shot!

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    Hi,When you delete devices from the app (tap on the device you want to remove > edit device > remove/delete device), you should be able to pair them to the second bridge without needing to factory reset the dimmers/switches. If you do notice any issues with the pairing to the second bridge, then you may need to reset the dimmers/ switches. To reset them, you will need to quickly tap the off button 4 times and hold on the 4th tap. Wait till you see the indicator lights start scrolling up and down or on the switches, they will just flash on and off. Once you see this feedback, you can release the button and quickly tap the off button 4 times. The lights should turn on/off or dim up and down a couple of times and stay in the on position to show the dimmer or switch was reset.

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    If you use Hub Pros you can alway use a third party hub to group them. I personally use Hubitat for this.

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