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Thread: Design help: how many dimmers will I need?

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    Design help: how many dimmers will I need?

    I plan to install 4 light groups. Do I need 4 separate Caseta dimmers? Does Lutron have a 4-opening Claro wall plate? And will I need 1 Pico remote for each dimmer if I want to set up a "3-way" configuration?

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    Yes to all of your questions.

    1 Caseta dimmer will control 1 zone of lights, like a light switch. If you really wanted to you could wire all the zones together and use 1 switch but that is a bad idea from a design standpoint.

    4 gang Claro wallplates are available. You can use standard Decora if you like but screwless definitely looks better. You can get up to 6 gang easily, 8 gang can be done custom.

    You will probably need a Pico remote for every 3 way location. Some dimmers can use a single mechanical 3way switch but if you can, the Picos will be the more user-friendly choice.
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