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Thread: No Fan Pico in Essentials?

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    Question No Fan Pico in Essentials?

    I'm trying to program a new fan engraved Pico 3 button with R/L, but can't find this particular remote in Essentials. For a 3 button R/L, the only options listed in Essentials are for Lights, Shades or Audio. I tried to program the remote by selecting a Light remote in Essentials, but the R/L buttons won't change the fan speed. The on, off and favorite buttons work as expected though. Any suggestions?

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    What version of Essentials are you using? I have the 5-button Picos just fine in v12.9.

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    That's not a fan Pico.

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    @radioRA2automation I'm using 12.9 also, but the 5 button light remote shown does not fully control a fan switch. Do you have it working with a fan? If so, how did you program it? There is no option for a fan pico anywhere in Essentials.

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    Apologies. I assumed you had a RRD-2ANF and that you were trying to program the Pico buttons to control the RRD-2ANF.

    I use the Pico I posted to control my fans (1 Pico Per fan in a custom 4x Pedestal from Etsy) but this is via my automation system. My house has four lights on the back patio that are all wired together. When we renovated we did not think we would have fans so never properly rewired that area. Fast forward, we got fans and I needed a way to control them.

    The solution was a BOND Pro fan controller. My automation system then interfaces with the BOND Fan controller via a driver. The Pico's also interface with my automation system via a RadioRA2 driver.

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    Hello! Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, the Fan Pico does not work with Radio RA2 or HomeWorks QS at this time. It only works with Caseta and RA2 Select. We apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding.

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    This needs to happen for Ra2. It gets old that the higher end systems are the last to get the new stuff.

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    Companies do this all of the time for profiting and exclusivity even though it's easy for them to make it available in all the other systems.

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