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Thread: 2 Caseta bridages

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    2 Caseta bridages

    I am building a detached garage and want to add a castea bridge. I already have one in the house, but the garage is too far away. Can I add a second bridge to the same network (shared network between home and garage)? I think I understand you can have multiple houses, but those are on different local networks. Old posts I have read said I would be required to have a second account. Is that still true? It would be nice to be able to have a pico remote on the home bridge turn off all lights on the garage bridge. Thaat part is gravy. At the least I would like to log onto the app and turn /on/off the lights without logging out.thanks

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    You can have 2 bridges on the same local network. You can use the same account. Just treat the 2nd bridge as a 2nd home.

    How far is the garage? You can use a plug-in dimmer as a repeater or they now have a stand-alone repeater that may be able to cover the distance.
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    Also curious how far away your detached garage is... In my experience, caseta's range is actually much better than they advertise, but that of course depends a lot on your own specific environment.My detached garage is about 40' from my house (I'd guess ~50' total from bridge to switch) - I've a PD-6ANS out there for a while now and it works perfectly fine. I'm planning to put a couple of the new outdoor plugs near there when they release this spring, so I recently put a caseta wireless repeater (it looks exactly like the bridge) in my garage to help boost the overall signal in that area. All of those connections work great so far. If your distance is indeed too far for a repeater, how would you set up a new bridge - do you have an ethernet connection in your garage?

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