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Thread: "Brand New" Caséta Pro Bridge 2 - Will not Update / No progress in app. PLS HELP!

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    Exclamation "Brand New" Caséta Pro Bridge 2 - Will not Update / No progress in app. PLS HELP!

    Hello. I'm new here. I'm a network engineer and I've installed what is supposed to be a new Caséta Smart Bridge Pro 2 (L-BDGPRO2 on the bottom). I've literally just opened this up and installed the app on my Android phone and when I get to the point where I'm adding a system to my "Home" and have Caséta selected and tap Next, nothing else happens after it finds my bridge and shows me the spinning blue circle and is STUCK here forever saying "Updating your Bridge/Main Repeater/Processor Software..." My phone is on my WiFi (YES they have full multicast support enabled), and I'm on the same VLAN (hurr-durr). I have a packet capture from the bridge, and I see an AAAA mDNS record lookup that contains "CODEVER=06.08.04f000" as one of the arguments. This makes me a little nervous since I've seen other posts around that seem to indicate that the code versions are up to like 12.x or something of late. Am I really SIX major code revs down, and how in the freak do I update this thing? I'm not a Lutron reseller and don't have access to the Lutron Bridge update tool - can someone hook me up? Can I upgrade this via USB-Micro to a Windows 7/10 system, or something? Did I just get some ancient-*ss old new-stock bridge here? Any/all help is appreciated!

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    Wen they setup the device at the factory they use the same version of the OS for long periods. It's also possible that your device sat on the shelf for an extended period. So, yes, your device could be 6 revs behind. There is a date code on the bottom that tech support can translate.

    The bridge is a pretty dumb device. It may need help getting to the internet. Try putting it on the primary LAN and see if it can find the updates.

    The bridge update tool was to fix a specific problem. It probably won't help.

    Tech support can check to see if your device is online. If it is not online there is something in your LAN blocking it. The modem may need to be in bridge mode.
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    Thanks for the info. I called tech support (wow - 24x7 support - NICE!) and spoke with a helpful guy named Claude. I guess my pfSense firewall was blocking IP options or the mDNS traffic or something. I'm on Verizon FiOS, and I don't use any MOCA hardware for TV so I yanked their Quantum Gateway a long time ago and just use my custom pfSense firewall for better security, performance, and functionality. What worked for me is moving the WAN connection (Gigabit Ethernet handoff from Verizon ONT) literally to the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro 2, and let it update, register, then moved it back on the internal LAN, used my phone's WiFi and the Lutron app to register the hub. It actually detected it this time (!) after whatever update / upgrade / registration process took place. Once it was provisioned and associated with my account, things seemed to be just fine, and I can add devices and control them while the L-BDGPRO2 is now back on my internal network. Total pain in the *ss, but it would seem I managed to get it working. I hope it stays connected and working!

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