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Thread: Under Cabinet Lighting. No luck with standard or ELV+

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    Under Cabinet Lighting. No luck with standard or ELV+

    I have used Caseta switches and pico remotes across the house with no issue except in one place. The under cabinet lighting in the kitchen of my new home has a terrible switch set up which causes both sides to have their own switch under the cabinets on the far side of the kitchen. I was hoping to put Caseta switches in with a single pico remove next to the ceiling light switch. Unfortunately I cannot get a switch to work.The current switch is a generic flat plate switch. The switch runs to a pair of black wires on one screw, and a single black wire on another. Switching the generic flat plate switch for a lutron Caseta switch made nothing happen. I thought it may be because the switch did not receive enough power through the line to power the switch so I purchased two PD-5NE-WH switches to try. the box has two other lines in the wall, two white wires tied together and two light blue wires tied together. Unfortunately no combination of the red and black wires along with the neutral on either the white or blue subsets causes the switch to power on. Any chance someone may know what I am doing wrong?The two black wires when tied together causes the lights to turn on, obviously. With the basic switch between the wires it functions normally. with either model Caseta switch nothing happens.

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    Any information on the under cabinet lights? Are they straight 120 volt line voltage or low voltage fixtures?

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