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Thread: Maestro MS-OPS5MH Occupancy Sensor Switch

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    Maestro MS-OPS5MH Occupancy Sensor Switch

    Anyone familiar with the installation of these switches? I tried three new ones from the box stores and have not been able to get any of them to work. The part number is MS-OPS5MH . It is designed for three way switch applications.My neighbor is 89 and has an addition (den) on the back of his house off of his dining room. When he exits the den to enter the main part of his house, he has to walk across the whole dining room to get to his light switch. So I wanted to put in a motion switch so that when he first enters the room, the light will come on immediately so he doesnt have to walk across a dark room to get to a light switch.The dining room light is an old fixture, but does have LED bulbs installed. It is also on a three way switch with two travelers. (One switch is near the Kitchen, and one in the living room). The switch near the kitchen is the one with the power and is where I am trying to install the Maestro. The switch in the living room takes the power from the travelers and sends it to the light. Home was built in the 60s but the switch has a neutral and the box is grounded.The Maestro has a blue lead ( for red traveler), a long silver piece of metal for ground, a white lead with green jacket for either neutral or ground, and two black leads. One of the black leads is in the middle of the switch and the other is is in the corner.One of the black leads is supposed to be for power, and the other is for the black traveler. The instructions do not identify which black lead is power and which is traveler. I have tried the black leads in both positions and it hasnt made a difference.When making my connections, I hook everything up with the house power lead last. The white lead is connected to a neutral that is in the box. The light immediately comes on in the room. I wait about 5 minutes for the capacitors to charge. I can not turn the light on or off with the Maesto. The button just clicks. The only way to then turn off the light is to go to the living room switch that sends the power to the light and shut it off there.When I try to hold the switch in for 5 seconds for set up nothing happens. There is no light that flashes. Nothing at all. I have held that switch in for a full minute and nothing. There is also the button on the side of the paddle switch. I have tried holding that one in too for a minute and nothing.It is hard for me to believe that I got three bad switches. Any idea what I may be missing?Thanks for any help

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    Did you complete step 3 in the instructions? I was having the same problem you describe and came here looking for a solution. I went back and re-read the instructions and realized I had not done step 3. Seems you must modify the wiring on the switch located at the other end of the line. After following step 3, everything is working like it should. I'll admit, step 3 does not make sense to me, but it made the difference.

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